The Ooo Travel Guide: Episode 9

Hey hey hey guys, The Ooo Travel Guide Episode 9 is now available for download via MediaFire!

Join us as we talk headcanons about The Lich, Finn’s changing mindset, Bubblegum’s emerging apathetic nature, and spend a long time wondering bizarre new headcanons about Marceline…?

Today’s Cast

Host: Blackcatula
Guests: RenegadePineapple, Mymindwandersonbrokenfeet, Psybee, Accio-Artistry, Hoistdatrag 


The Ooo Travel Guide has found a new web host, so soon you won’t have to download our episodes from MediaFire anymore! More to come on this as it develops…


The Ooo Travel Guide: Episode 8



Download @ MediaFire now!

TOTG Episode 8: We talk all about “I Remember You” and stuff, including Simon’s connection to the crown, Marceline’s past and relationships, theories about Betty, Adventure Time: most socially aware cartoon ever, and our usual shenanigans and hijinx!

BONUS POINTS: Thanks Renegadepineapple, for literally sitting outside a grocery store until 11:00 PM just to get wi-fi to skype with! ;3;

The Ooo Travel Guide Cast

Host: Blackcatula
Guests: Renegadepineapple, Mymindwandersonbrokenfeet, Superiorsarcasm, Psybee



New Episode of The Ooo Travel Guide!

Hey guys! Episode 7 of The Ooo Travel Guide is now available on Mediafire!

We took a break for a few weeks because of lack of interesting episodes (and because when your host is having a birthday vacation, podcast editing and recording kind of take a back seat…).

Host: BlackCatula
GuestsRenegadePineapple, Fauxboy, Nakioutsuno

Come join us as we talk about how terrifying the Nightosphere is, headcanons about Marceline’s wardrobe, Hunson Abadeer’s relations to other minor and major characters, and inevitably delve into a bizarre ship war that is mostly censored due to being Not Safe For Humanity.

Since there are no new episodes of Adventure Time coming up for a while, we may or may not be recording regular new episodes. Stay tuned though, on the off chance that we do!


New Episode of The Ooo Travel Guide!

The Ooo Travel Guide Episode 6 is now available for download on MediaFire!

Host: BlackCatula
Guests: Xekstrin, Bekuh, RenegadePineapple, Fauxboy

[TW: Arachnophobia! D:]

After some delays and technical issues and general squickiness, here at last is The Ooo Travel Guide tackling the new AT episode “Web Weirdos”! Join us as we delve right into such important topics as exploding spider butts, why some episodes are less intense than others, planning for a special NSFW episode, some wonderfully maniacal laughter, and we finally answer some of the backlog of fan mail we’ve received (including more Fionna & Cake nonsense, some discussion of the time setting in Adventure Time, and more!).

As always, send us your questions, we’ll answer them as best we can when we have the time!



The Ooo Travel Guide - Episode 5 is LIVE

The Ooo Travel Guide - Episode 5 is now available for download!

Host: BlackCatula
Guests: Xekstrin, Bekuh, RenegadePineapple, Strawberrybudikai

Join us once again as we plunge headfirst into a new episode, picking it apart for subtle meanings and things! Listen to us talk about the aspirations of Beemo to emulate humanity, theories about Finn and masochism, Princess Bubblegum’s possible involvement in the occult, why Ice King is actually a great character, and why you can’t put Xekstrin and Bekuh on the same call for longer than two hours at a time before chaos ensues.

Thanks to all the guests who flavor these podcasts so wonderfully, and thanks to all you loyal listeners, you guys are AWESOME. :D

Also, please listen for the question we’d like you to answer!

Don’t be shy, send us your asks! :3 We can’t guarantee we’ll answer every single one right away, but we keep them all for future reference.

Creepy intro and outro was completely improvised first thing when I woke up at 5:30 this morning, by the way. :)



New Episode!

The Ooo Travel Guide Episode 4 is now live!

Host: BlackCatula
Guests: FauxBoy, Nakioutsuno, StrawberryBudikai, and the ghost of Bekuh

Join us as we talk all about this week’s new episode “Hot To The Touch”, including people we want to see Flame Princess interact with, why everyone on Adventure Time is seeking acceptance, the subtextual meanings of fire in hero stories, parallels between NEPTR and his creator, and the inevitable veering off into Avatar/Korra-related stuffs. :3

Major props to Naki who willingly recorded with us despite having lost her voice only the day before, and special thanks to StrawberryBudikai for stepping up at the last minute to fill in for our other missing regulars and putting on a great show with us!

Also, that intro/outro…I was barely awake when I decided what I was going to do, and I don’t even have a clue what I was doing. ._.


Episode 3 Is Now LIVE!

The Ooo Travel Guide Episode 3 is now available on MediaFire!

The Ooo Travel Guide

Host: BlackCatula
Guests: Bekuh, Fauxboy, Nakioutsuno, RenegadePineapple, Xekstrin

Join us as we answer an astonishing 8 pieces of fan mail, each a response to our questions “What would you like to see if there was a second Fionna & Cake episode?” and “What is your favorite ship?” We respond to your responses, which in turn generates a whole slew of new questions and discussion!

Topics include a bit of back and forth character speculation on Marshal Lee & Prince Gumball, shipping genderbent and “regular” characters across the two universes, speculated interaction between Ice Queen and Marshal Lee (Black Ice, as it were), representation of queer couples in the media, and why some people are afraid to ship any vampire characters in any piece of work because of Twilight.

It’s a ton of great fun, and it’s just OOZING with love. Take a listen! :D



The Ooo Travel Guide Episode 2 IS NOW UP!

Episode 2 is now available on Mediafire!

The Ooo Travel Guide

Host: BlackCatula
Guests: Bekuh, Fauxboy, Nakioutsuno, RenegadePineapple, Xekstrin

Join us as we tackle Fionna & Cake in some great detail, exploring why the episode and its characters are more relationship-driven than heroics-driven, why the [SPOILER] ending was a blessing and a curse, why a Fionna/Ice Queen romance makes so much sense in the context of the episode and other foreshadowed events, why there exists a double-standard regarding male and female heroes, and why we all want there to be a second episode involving Marshal Lee.

Oh yes, and also listen to everybody switch gears between being nerdy, passionate, extremely intellectual, downright adorable, and filled with the sweetest of sweetnesses.

Dig it!


Episode 1 is a GO!

The Ooo Travel Guide episode #1 is up on Mediafire! In the near future we will have a better place for hosting them, but for now, dig in, lovelies!

Episode 1: Incendium, a piece of Fionna & Cake, and the Adventure Time comic!

Host: BlackCatula
Guests: Nakioutsuno, Xekstrin, Bekuh, RenegadePineapple
Run time: 40 minutes~

Please tell us what you think! We will happily welcome all feedback. Send your messages here or to BlackCatula, whichever you fancy. Tell us immediately if there are any problems with accessing the download page or listening to podcast. And of course, SPREAD THE WORD!