Heads Up!

There will be no new podcast this week.

But we’ll come back next week with a podcast full of our predictions for the season premiere!

With all these promos and sneak glimpses, we’re bound to hit the right theory, or at least hit close to it with all the crazy-awesome guesswork we usually do. :)

See you in a week!


New Site Host!

Hey followers, guess what? The Ooo Travel Guide has partnered up with a fellow animation podcast, “Thaumatropy”, and now all of our episodes can be found on their site instead of downloading them from Mediafire!

Both podcasts are available for listening and download here. I do recommend giving Thaumatropy a listen, as they cover a wide variety of animation topics, from opinions and cartoon reviews to the history and influence of a particular animation technique!

You can also help them generate more activity by joining their forum!

So yes, let’s all celebrate! :D


guesswhattimeitis said: I have a question (but not for answering on the podcast). How exactly do you go about recording the sessions? What program do you use, etc? Just curious.

All of our sessions are recorded via massive group call on Skype, using a free program called (blandly enough) MP3 Skype Recorder.

I do all of the editing and intro/outro nonsense with Audacity (easily the world’s greatest free audio editing program)!


pretendplaytime said: What is the link to download your episode 9 travel guide? BTW I adore your podcast so much! You guys are so fun to listen to.

Sorry about that guys! I forgot to add the link in the first post.

It’s fixed now. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for another one next week!


The Ooo Travel Guide: Episode 9

Hey hey hey guys, The Ooo Travel Guide Episode 9 is now available for download via MediaFire!

Join us as we talk headcanons about The Lich, Finn’s changing mindset, Bubblegum’s emerging apathetic nature, and spend a long time wondering bizarre new headcanons about Marceline…?

Today’s Cast

Host: Blackcatula
Guests: RenegadePineapple, Mymindwandersonbrokenfeet, Psybee, Accio-Artistry, Hoistdatrag 


The Ooo Travel Guide has found a new web host, so soon you won’t have to download our episodes from MediaFire anymore! More to come on this as it develops…


Podcasting About “The Lich” Tonight!

So, now that you guys have had a week to theorize and speculate and spazz out about Adventure Time’s “The Lich”, do you have any other questions you’d like us to discuss on tonight’s podcast recording? Send us your thoughts and theories, and we’ll recount our own back to you!



Just a friendly note:

The Ooo Travel Guide officially has 100 followers now. :D



I absolutely KNOW you guys have burning questions and speculations about last night’s literally crazy episode, The Lich. Any particular points you’d like to have us discuss on this week’s podcast? Leave us an ask! :D

Recording will take place Friday, podcast will be up on the weekend!


The Ooo Travel Guide: Episode 8



Download @ MediaFire now!

TOTG Episode 8: We talk all about “I Remember You” and stuff, including Simon’s connection to the crown, Marceline’s past and relationships, theories about Betty, Adventure Time: most socially aware cartoon ever, and our usual shenanigans and hijinx!

BONUS POINTS: Thanks Renegadepineapple, for literally sitting outside a grocery store until 11:00 PM just to get wi-fi to skype with! ;3;

The Ooo Travel Guide Cast

Host: Blackcatula
Guests: Renegadepineapple, Mymindwandersonbrokenfeet, Superiorsarcasm, Psybee



Anonymous said: Something is wrong with the audio. Nothing is lining up. I don't know if it's just my computer, but I've re-downloaded it three times and it still isn't working. :(

Sorry guys, my bad…

I didn’t final check it like I should have.